How We Work

The project intends to work across the value-added cassava chain, specifically focusing on a number of bottlenecks that have slowed growth and progress from previous projects:

  • Smallholders productivity –This project intends to work directly with farmers to improve profitability of cassava sales, both through the pull of market demand and through increasing farmer yields with improved stems. 
  • Expanding and developing processing – CAVA II will adapt a combination of drying technologies that best fit the smallholder and end-use models. In East Africa, where artificial drying is new, there will be a push to multiply effects of sun drying while introducing artificial drying technologies; whereas in West Africa artificial drying will be promoted by improving efficiency and decreasing cost of production.
  • Expanding products options, market opportunities and geographies – CAVA II will expand the uptake of HQCF and other cassava products to new cassava growing and consumption areas in each country. The project will work with partners to explore and develop new market opportunities for fresh cassava roots by building and linking smallholder farmers to large markets in starch, ethanol, plywood, paperboard, milling and the livestock (including aquaculture) feed sector.