Dr. Adebosola Oladeinde

Deputy Director, CAVA II Project

Dr. Adebosola Oladeinde is the Deputy Project Director of Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (CAVA) Phase II. Dr Oladeinde has a M.Sc. in Crop Science and PhD in Plant Biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, USA, where her research focused on genetic diversity studies of perennial bioenergy feedstocks. During her time at the University of Illinois she worked as a research assistant at the Energy Bioscience Institute (EBI).

She was in charge of establishing and maintaining an ornamental garden of Miscanthus, switchgrass and Arundo donax which have all been identified as potential biomass feedstocks. Before joining the CAVA team, Dr. Oladeinde worked as a Research Analyst on assignment with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations Agriculture Development team. During her time at the foundation she provided grant support aiming to protect root crop farmers from viruses that cause devastating losses, including Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) and Cassava Mosaic Disease (CMD). 

Dr. Oladeinde has a passion for sustainable agricultural and the impact such practices can have on smallholder farmers. She is committed to expanding her work in agricultural development and building local capacity within sub-Saharan Africa.