Vito Sandifolo

Country Manager (Malawi), CAVA II

Vito is the Country Manager of the Cassava: Adding Value for Africa, phase II, Malawi. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture majoring in crop sciences from Bunda College of Agriculture and over 25 years of experience on root crops while working with the Department of Agricultural Research Services in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in various capacities, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) on a number of cassava projects including seed multiplication and dissemination, postharvest handling and commercialisation.

He has vast experience working on research and development projects and has excellent relationships with the private sector, UN organisations and NGOs in the development of cassava value chains. He led implementation of the ‘Unleashing the Power of Cassava in Africa’ (UPoCA) in Malawi and commercialisation of traditional Staple Crops project, a collaborative project with FAO and Total land Care while at IITA/SARRNET. He is the current Champion of the Root and Tuber Crops Innovation Platform (RTCIP) in Malawi since 2010 – a body comprised of stakeholders from the private, public sectors and civil society; responsible for coordinating activities towards promoting production, processing, utilisation and commercialisation of root and tuber crops (Cassava, Potatoes and sweetpotato.) He has facilitated establishment of an independent Secretariat of the RTCIP through his leadership to make it sustainable.
As the Country Manager in the CAVA project, he has facilitated installation of the first flash dryer in the whole Southern and Eastern Africa and the use of High Quality Cassava Flour in various industries including confectionery, bakery, paperboard, and replacement for corn starch. He has special skills in project management, proposal development, report writing, networking with other stakeholders, root crops postharvest handling and market development.
He has the responsibility of providing overall project leadership and coordination of activities in Malawi. He also facilitates strategic partnerships and networking with other stakeholders from the private and public sectors, civil society organisations and development partners within and outside Malawi.
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Mobile phone:           +265 888850025
Skye address:             vito.sandifolo65