Lessons From CAVA1 Uganda

Lessons learned from C:AVA & New Approaches in CAVA II 


Main lessons learned from C:AVA


New approaches in CAVA II

  • Profit for all actors in the sun-drying HQCF value chains
  • Good quality HQCF has been produced through sun-drying because of investment in quality management.
  • Aggregation of HQCF supply to large-scale users is a challenge.
  • Strong demand for HQCF from various industries.
  • Cassava root necrosis associated with cassava brown streak is not a major constraint to expanding the geographic range of CAVA II into the Lake Zone
  • Introduce fuel-efficient artificial processing technology
  • Expand the range of products and markets to include cassava chips for sale into poultry feed.
  • Work with MEDA (supported by the Foundation) to achieve a sustainable solution accessing good quality planting materials
  • Provide a client base for the seeds
  • Collaborate with District Agricultural Development Plans (DADPs) with regard to cassava value addition maintaining standards