Solar Drying Technology Improves Cassava Production in Uganda

The Cassava: Adding Value for Africa (CAVA II) project in its second phase at the Africa Innovations Institute has raised the bar for SMEs in the cassava value chain in Uganda with the introduction of solar drying technology.

CAVA II, Uganda introduced solar drying technology to SMEs across the country as a means of increasing the volumes of High Quality Cassava Chips and Flour produced at different processing sites in Uganda. 

The project’s recent expansion into northern Uganda led to identification of key Small and Medium Entrepreneurs who have adopted the solar drying technology successfully.  After applying the technology, Mr. Opio Samuel a farmer from Apac District in Uganda, reported improvements in the speed of drying as well as the quality of output from the system, which is, unaffected by natural calamities due to its closed nature. 

The success from the system is quickly gaining popularity among other farmer processing groups in the CAVA II project, which are taking steps to streamline their drying process by undertaking study tours of the Lira site, and seeking necessary engagements with service providers to attain the new and improved technology onsite. 
Kameke processing site in eastern Uganda recently gained inspiration from a study tour of the Lira processing site to purchase a solar drying system of their own, and AfrII is currently providing the team with the necessary technical backstopping to ensure smooth and effective adaptation of the technology to facilitate successful turnover of profit from the new venture.