Francis Ouruma Alacho

Country Manager, CAVA II-Uganda.

Alacho Francis Ouruma is the Country Manager of Cassava: Adding Value for Africa, Uganda, under the Africa Innovations Institute, since 2010. He has had 17 years of experience working with agricultural research and 13 years with agricultural development and advisory services in both the public and non-governmental agencies. He has worked as a Senior Research Officer in the National Agricultural Research Organisation and NAADS Coordinator having earlier on been an Agricultural Production and Post-Harvest Handling Manager with Africare

Professor George William Otim-Nape

Technical Advisor CAVA II, Uganda.

Prof George William Otim-Nape is the Technical Advisor in the CAVA II Project,  at Africa Innovations Institute Uganda. He is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Africa Innovations Institute; and has been a visiting Professor, University of Greenwich, UK. Since 2004. He is recognised as one of East Africa’s leading agricultural and rural development experts with over thirty five years experience in science and technology development and institutional and change management for Africa agriculture development.


Business Development and Investments Specialist

She is the Business Development and Investments Specialist for CAVA II Uganda, under the Africa Innovations Institute. She holds an MBA in Global Business from Coventry University, United Kingdom; LLB from Uganda Christian University, Mukono, Uganda; and a Postgraduate Diploma in Foreign Trade and Investment Management.

Okello Gloria Onika

Business Development Specialist

Okello Gloria Onika  has an MSc in Agricultural Development, BSc in Agriculture and PGD in Cooperatives and Rural Development. She is currently a Business Development Specialist in the CAVA II Project at Africa Innovations Institute, Uganda. Over the previous nine years, she was the Head-Marketing and Extension at the Uganda Cooperative Alliance Ltd, having risen in ranks as a Production and Marketing Officer. She started her career

Anthony Ijala Raphael

Zonal Manager

Anthony Ijala Raphael is a Zonal Manager for CAVA II Uganda, under the Africa Innovations Institute. He has a Diploma certificate in Agriculture, a BSc degree in Agriculture and is about completing his MSc programme in Agriculture.

He started his career as an Assistant Leaf Technician at British American Tobacco (BAT) in 2001. Since then, he has worked as a Senior Business Advisor at the RAIN Techno Serve Uganda, Regional Production and Marketing Coordinator for Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA) IFAPI Project, Farm Manager and Marketing Officer for SOCADIDO, Research Partner and Marketer Monsanto Kenya WEMA Project.

Barbara Acola

Finance Officer, CAVA II

Barbara Acola, Finance Officer, CAVA II, Africa Innovations Institute, Uganda