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Caltech Ventures,  one of CAVA I beneficiaries in partnership with its end user , Kasapreko Company Ltd has finally merged and have begun production of Ethanol from cassava at Hodzo, near Ho, capital of Volta Region of Ghana in July 2016. The company was refurbished with the construction and installation of an ethanol plant last year when CAVA II team coincidentally visited the company as part of its working relationship to ascertain how production was faring.   At this years’ field working visit, the team met with the management of the company on how best CAVA II HQCF producers could benefit from the factory in terms of HQCF supply. The team was happy with the pace of work considering the time frame within which they had to install to commence production. According to Mr. Sarpong, the General Manager of the company, “all the fabrication of the imported components and its installation were done by local staff with technical support from an expatriate from South Africa”.

Front View of Caltech Ethanol Factory
According to the General Manager, the factory is currently absorbing 30 tons of fresh cassava roots on a trial basis which is less than one third of its capacity when it begins full production. Caltech currently uses fresh cassava root in its ethanol production but has plans to compliment it with High Quality Cassava Flour. Kasapreko Company Ltd, an international Ghanaian alcoholic beverage company, is the sole end user of Caltech’s ethanol. Prior to the ethanol production, Kasapreko alone was importing 60 million litres of ethanol annually. One of Caltech’s core operations had been the production of High Quality Cassava Flour to Accra Breweries, Guinness Ghana, Neat Foods, Praise Export and schools. It also produces cassava chips for the export market.

CAVA II Team (from L-Kwame, Francis and Yusuf) with Mr. Sarpong (Middle), The General Manager of Caltech Ventures
Caltech has a workforce of 300 excluding about 220 out-growers and has a potential to provide over 600 jobs. Caltech currently has 400 hectares of farm. According to Mr. Sarpong, Caltech Ventures aims to have 60% of the cassava from its nuclear farm.
CAVA II Ghana has linked HQCF producers and farmers to supply Caltech Ventures with High Quality Cassava Flour and fresh cassava roots for its ethanol production. CAVA II Ghana is also supporting Caltech to establish demonstration farm for its out-growers development.

Staff of Caltech producing HQCF with a Bin Dryer.