Cava II Tanzania Integrates SMEs into Cassava Value Chain

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Cassava Adding value for Africa Phase II in Tanzania through creating sustainable business linkages between farmers and processors groups collaborated with Concern World-wide, an international organization.  One of the aspects in the Memorandum of Understanding was to take over cassava processing SMEs that were in the final stages of obtaining cassava processing equipment in Masasi district - Mtwara region. The collaboration was to also involve  working with a local NGO and a partner of Concern namely KIMAS to further the SMEs processing activities.

CAVA II Tanzania visited the 5 SMEs to assess their initial status.  Findings revealed that the 5 SMEs had no processing and business skills. Also the processing units had no drying racks. The 5 SMEs were Mohamed Kachale, Hamis Njingamile, Suzan Elias, Faraji Seleman Muda and Mustafa Sadi.
In ensuring the five (5) SMEs are integrated into cassava value chain, CAVA II Tanzania facilitated High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) and starch processing training and then business skills training. Training on making drying racks was done along with the HQCF processing training. Also, to ensure availability of fresh roots, CAVA II linked the 5 SMEs to Naliendele Agriculture Research Institute and the Seed supply systems – MEDA project to assist them on acquiring quality cassava seeds.

The five SME constructed drying racks; enough to dry about 200 kg of HQCF per day.  They now buy fresh roots from farmers groups for cassava processing. With good business management practices each SME is now aware of how to keep records, and to cost their product and set price.   They have established targets to produce grits on monthly basis in Masasi.

The government and other partners are now using them on events and exhibitions i.e. Farmers Day to showcasing their products.
 Mr. Hamis Njingamile, an SME in Mbuyuni village, Masasi district said ‘as a result of being trained by CAVA II Tanzania, today I have my processing unit with full equipments and now I can grow cassava and process HQCF. The government is now recognizing me as a potential cassava processor in Mtwara’’.